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Sate: SC
City: Charleston
Zip Code: 29407
Specialty: Surgery

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dr. Joseph L Kurtzman, Surgery

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 Surgery, Ophthalmology
 Primary Specialty - Surgery
 Insurance - Not Available
 Graduation -
 Medical School - New York Univ
 Residency Training - Not Available
 Hospital Affiliation - St Francis Xavier, Roper And Medical Univ Hosp Of Med Univ Sc.
 Major Activity - Full-Time Hospital Staff
 Group Practice - Not Available
 Languages - Not Available
 Board Certified - Yes
 Accept new Patients - Yes

Physician Addresses
 90 Chadwick Dr
 Charleston , SC - 29407
 Phone - 734-994-0829
 Fax - 305-448-8698

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Charleston Wiki Info
Charleston is a city in Charleston County in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It is the largest city and 6 The city was founded as Charlestown or Charles Towne, Carolina in 1670, and moved to its present location (Oyster Point) from a location on the west bank of the Ashley River in 1680; it adopted its present name in 1783. In 1690, Charleston was the fifth largest city in url=of the 100 Largest Urban Places: 1840 Charleston is known as The Holy City due to the prominence of churches on the low-rise cityscape, particularly the numerous steeples which dot the city's skyline, and for the fact that it was one of the few cities in the original thirteen colonies to provide religious tolerance to the French url=,title=History of the Huguenot Society In fact, it is still the only city in the U.S. with such a church. Charleston was also one of the first colonial cities to allow Jews to practice their faith without restriction. Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, founded in 1749, is the fourth oldest Jewish congregation in the continental United States.cite web,url=,title=Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Brith Sholom Beth Israel is the oldest Orthodox synagogue in the South, founded by url=,title=Brith Sholom Beth Israel The population was estimated to be 118,492 in 2007, making it the second most populous city in South Carolina closely behind the state capital Columbia.cite web,url=,title=Century V City of Charleston Population Estimates,format=PDF Current trends put Charleston as the fastest growing central city in South Carolina. The city of Charleston is located just south of the mid-point of South Carolina's coastline, at the junction of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Charleston's name is derived from Charles Towne, named after King Charles II of England. America's most-published etiquette expert, Marjabelle Young Stewart, has recognized the city since 1995 as the "best-mannered" city in the U.S,,, January 17, 2004. Accessed May 9, 2007. a claim lent credibility by the fact that it has the first established Livability Court in the country.

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