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Sate: RI
City: Providence
Zip Code: 02905
Specialty: Cardiology

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dr. Lucy Parisi Buckley, MD Cardiology

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 Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology
 Primary Specialty - Cardiology
 Insurance - Not Available
 Graduation - 1965
 Medical School - Suny-Hlth Sci Ctr At Syracuse, Coll Of Med, Syracuse Ny 13210
 Residency Training - Children'S Hosp, Pediatric Cardiology
 Hospital Affiliation -
 Major Activity - Full-Time Hospital Staff
 Group Practice - Pediatric Associates
 Languages - Not Available
 Board Certified - Yes
 Accept new Patients - Yes

Physician Addresses
 235 Plain St Ste 101B
 Providence , RI - 02905
 Phone - 508-999-2981
 Fax - 508-999-2395

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Providence Wiki Info
Providence is the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Rhode Island, and one of the first cities established in the United States. Located in Providence County, it is the estimated third-largest cityThe US Census estimates Worcester, Massachusetts to have overtaken Providence in 2006 by 199 people. Though this is well within the margin of error, this article, Worcester, Massachusetts, and List of United States cities by population uses the 2006 estimates for purposes of ranking. The New England article, however, ranks by 2000 Census, which places Providence as second largest. in the New England region. Despite having an estimated population of 172,459 as of 2007, it anchors the 36th largest metropolitan population in the country, with an estimated MSA population of 1,600,856, exceeding that of Rhode Island by about 60% due to its reaching into southern url=U.S Census Bureau,title=July 1, 2007 Population Estimates,accessdate=2008-03-02,publisher=US Census Bureau cite web,publisher=US Census Bureau,title=Population Estimates for Places over 100,000: 2000 to 2007,url=,accessdate=2007-06-29 Situated at the mouth of the Providence River, at the head of Narragansett Bay, the city's small footprint is crisscrossed by seemingly erratic streets and contains a rapidly changing demographic. Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, a religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He named the area in honor of "God's merciful Providence" which he believed was responsible for revealing such a haven for him and his followers to settle. After being one of the first cities in the country to industrialize, Providence became noted for its jewelry and silverware industry. Today, Providence city proper alone is home to eight hospitals and seven institutions of higher learning, which has shifted the city's economy into service industries, though it still retains significant manufacturing work. The city was once nicknamed the "Beehive of Industry", while today "The Renaissance City" is more common, though as of 2000 census, its poverty rate was still among the ten highest for cities over 100,000.cite book ,last=Leazes et. al ,title=Providence, The Renaissance City ,publisher=Northeastern University Press ,year=2004 ,isbn=1555536042 cite web ,url= ,format=PDF,title=Poverty 1999 - U.S. Census Brief 2000,author=Bishaw, Alemayehu, and John Iceland ,publisher=US Census Bureau ,month=May ,year=2003 ,accessdate=2007-01-17

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