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Sate: OH
City: Cleveland
Zip Code: 44118
Specialty: Internal Medicine

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dr. Carmen Eugenia Gota, MD Internal Medicine

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 Internal Medicine,Rheumatology,
 Primary Specialty - Internal Medicine
 Insurance -
 Graduation - 1989
 Medical School - Inst De Med Si Farm, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
 Residency Training - Cleveland Clinic Fndn, Rheumatology; Lenox Hill Hosp, Internal Medicine
 Hospital Affiliation -
 Major Activity - Resident
 Group Practice -
 Languages - Not Available
 Board Certified - Yes
 Accept new Patients - Yes

Physician Addresses
 Cleveland , OH - 44118
 Phone -
 Fax -

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Cleveland Wiki Info
Cleveland is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Cuyahoga County, the most populous county in the buckeye state. The municipality is located in northeastern Ohio on the southern shore of Lake Erie, approximately 60 miles (100 km) west of the Pennsylvania border. It was founded in 1796 near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, and became a manufacturing center owing to its location at the head of numerous canals and railroad lines. With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Cleveland's businesses have diversified into the service economy, including the financial services, insurance, legal, and healthcare sectors, though the city's population has continued to decline. Cleveland is also noted for its association with rock music; the city is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As of the 2000 Census, the city proper had a total population of 478,403, and was then the 33rd largest city in the United States, (now estimated as the 40th largest due to declines in population) and the second largest city in Ohio. It is the center of Greater Cleveland, the largest metropolitan area in Ohio, which spans several counties and is defined in several different ways by the Census Bureau. The Cleveland- Elyria- Mentor Metropolitan Statistical Area which in 2000 ranked as the 23rd largest in the United States with 2,250,871 people. Cleveland is also part of the larger Cleveland- Akron-Elyria Combined Statistical Area, which in 2000 had a population of 2,945,831, and ranked as the country's 14th largest. GCT-PH1. Population, Housing Units, Area, and Density: 2000, United States Census Bureau, Census 2000. Retrieved on 2007-05-09. In studies conducted by The Economist in 2005, Cleveland and Pittsburgh were ranked as the most livable cities in the United States,cite press release ,url=, title= Vancouver tops liveability ranking according to a new survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, publisher = Economist , accessdate=2005-10-11 and the city was ranked as the best city for business meetings in the continental U.S.Copestake, Jon. The Economist. (2005-12-23) The city faces continuing challenges, in particular from concentrated poverty in some neighborhoods and difficulties in the funding and delivery of high-quality url = ,format = PDF , title = Request For Proposals: Finance, Design, Build, Manage, Operate, Maintain, Repair and Upgrade A Citywide Municipal Wireless Broadband Network Infrastructure , publisher = City of Cleveland Municipal Wireless Network RFP , pages = Page 17 , date = April 20, 2007 , accessdate = 2007-08-01 Residents of Cleveland are usually referred to as " Clevelanders". Nicknames used for the city include " The Forest City," "The Cleve," "The Land," "DNA level C" (Cleveland spelled backwards), "Metropolis of the Western Reserve,". Architect Magazine. January 1, 2007. Accessed October 11, 2007. "The New American City",[ Living in Cleveland]. The Lerner Research Institute. 2007. Accessed October 11, 2007. "America's North Coast",[ Roll to a Final Four in Rockin' Cleveland]. Wood, Terry. March 29, 2007. Accessed October 11, 2007. "Sixth City",[ Cleveland Court Winner]. The New York Times. August 3, 1919. Accessed October 11, 2007 "Rock 'n' Roll Capital of the World" (because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame),[ Rock Б─≥nБ─≥ Roll and the Cleveland Connection : Deanna R. Adams] and "C-Town".[ Of Cleveland, by Cleveland, for Cleveland (and the world)], Mountain Xpress. January 24, 2007. Accessed October 11, 2007.

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