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Sate: NJ
City: Hackensack
Zip Code: 07601
Specialty: Internal Medicine

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dr. Martin Koenigsberg, DO Internal Medicine

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 Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine
 Primary Specialty - Internal Medicine
 Insurance - Not Available
 Graduation - 1976
 Medical School - Des Moines Univ, Coll Osteo Med & Surg, Des Moines Ia 50312
 Residency Training - Bergen Reg Med Ctr, Internal Medicine
 Hospital Affiliation -
 Major Activity - Office Based Practice
 Group Practice - Not Available
 Languages - Not Available
 Board Certified - No
 Accept new Patients - Yes

Physician Addresses
 161 Main St
 Hackensack , NJ - 07601
 Phone - 201-262-9334
 Fax - 201-262-9365

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Ratings based on 1 Review | See all Reviews

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I met Dr. Martin Koenigsberg around January of 2014 while I was looking for a General Practitioner. I am so glad I did, and it would be remiss for me not to share my story, in case he can help anyone else who may be suffering out there. I happened upon Dr. Koenigsberg randomly, and went in to meet him to see if he could figure out the cause of my pains. I was having severe migraines, sensitivity to light, dizziness, pains in my body, among other ailments. It was such a random grouping of symptoms, that the countless Neurologists, Specialists, Doctors, etc. all but said it was Psychosomatic, or all in my head. I went over my symptoms with Dr. Koenigsberg, and he told me, ‘I think I have an idea as to what it might be, but I want to be 100% sure, and I don’t want to cause you any unnecessary stress by speculating. We’re going to find out today if this is the right path to pursue.” And with that, he made a phone call and got me in immediately for an MRI. Less than 24 hours later, I was back in his office and he had the MRI results in his hand. ‘Chiari I Malformation’, he said, ‘I knew it’. I had never, ever heard of the condition before, but it is a birth defect, so all of those other doctors I saw all missed it, and Dr. Koenigsberg, in less than 24 hours after meeting him, solved this mystery of my health I had suffered from for YEARS. I required 11 hour Brain surgery or I would have been paralyzed. Any trauma to my Brain or Spine could have killed me as well, and I walked around for 28 years not knowing I had this condition...SCARY! I now have rods and screws in my Neck, and a fusion of my Brain and my Spine, but I HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I am telling you, if you have a medical condition that you cannot solve, you will not meet a more competent, determined doctor than Dr. Martin Koenigsberg. He WILL get to the bottom of it. He is my personal Dr. House…I have spoken first-hand with other patients that he has saved- from finding cancerous lumps that went unnoticed by others, to diagnosing rare diseases (and another Chiari patient- which is EXTREMELY rare). He is kind, caring, and will fight for you. He gave me his personal contact information in case I ever had an after-hours emergency, and told me to never, ever, hesitate in contacting him. He is so dedicated to his patients, and I know he has worked tirelessly to help patients get the most out of their insurance benefits when insurance refuses to pay. I want to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves, because he saved my life. While I was waiting for my surgery to be approved by insurance, I ended up in a wheelchair due to the degeneration of my spine and Craniocervical Instability that made it extremely painful to stand. I have no doubts in my mind that if I had not met Dr. Martin Koenigsberg, I would have ended up in a wheelchair permanently and had no answers to my condition. I SWEAR by Dr. K. He is not only an amazing doctor, he has become a fast friend as well. I would, and have, trusted Dr. Koenigsberg’s expertise with my life. I hope that if you are reading this, and unsure if anyone can help you, that you will take the chance I did and let Dr. Martin Koenigsberg change your life.

Posted by anonymous

Hackensack Wiki Info
Hackensack is a city in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States and the county seat of Bergen County. Although informally called Hackensack, it was officially named New Barbadoes Township until 1921. As of the United States 2000 Census, the city population was 42,677. The Census Bureau's 2006 population estimate projects a population of 43,671. An inner-ring suburb of New York City, Hackensack is located approximately 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Midtown Manhattan. From a number of locations one can see the New York City skyline. The Metropolitan campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University straddles the Hackensack River in both Hackensack and Teaneck. Hackensack is also the home of the New Jersey Naval Museum and the World War II submarine USS Ling. Astronaut Walter Schirra is perhaps Hackensack's most famous native son.

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