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dr. T Daniel Dibble, MD Anesthesiology

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 Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology
 Primary Specialty - Anesthesiology
 Insurance - Not Available
 Graduation - 1991
 Medical School - Univ Of Wa Sch Of Med, Seattle Wa 98195
 Residency Training - Or Hlth Sci Univ Hosp, Anesthesiology
 Hospital Affiliation -
 Major Activity - Office Based Practice
 Group Practice - Pain Management Clinic
 Languages - Not Available
 Board Certified - Yes
 Accept new Patients - Yes

Physician Addresses
 2190 W Ironwood Center Dr
 Coeur D Alene , ID - 83814
 Phone - 208-667-1104
 Fax - 406-727-9730

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Ratings based on 3 Reviews | See all Reviews

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I tried for months to see Dibble and his staff refused my requests and would not elaborate as to how to see him. The following month I was referred to him by one of his fellow Dr.s. In our initial meeting he became aware that I had several spinal surgeries and had complex related pain. I got a five view x-ray and the following day was contacted by his office staff, that was now so friendly it made me sick, to schedule a "nerve conduction test" and that my x-ray reveled severe physical/spinal problems. Dibbles staff said my insurance would cover the test cost and was assured. The test was conducted by not a nurse but some lady. I thought this was odd, because I've had nerve tests done prior and in my opinion wondered what this test would reveal. I laid down naked and she brought out a TENS unit that was made of wood and dials. Test lasted 12 min. and waited for a call. The cost of this 12 min. test was $850.00 that my insurance company refused to pay. I met with Dibble several days later and we told me the test revealed problems. I asked him if he had a chance to look at the x-rays and he responded "No I didn't look at the x-rays, I read the jacket". My spine doctors who implanted the Steffi plates told me never to have injections. I shared this concern with him and he replied "I can hit any caudil canal". Dr. Dibble cost me over $1200 for nothing. This test alone was one tenth of my yearly income from disability. His company add says hes a pain doctor when by his own disclaimer, which you have to sign, states that "paralasis could occur. He took my money, did unnecessary testing in house and would not listen to reason. He said I was a good canidate for his pain relief. Since then other anesthesiology doctors wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole. I was not a canidate for this procedure. There are pain doctors out there who can help pain patients who can help you. It may take 10-18 doctors to get you there, but when you find a doctor with the skills to help you with your pain and you will be fortunate to have survived with your mind and body intact. When you deny hope to a pain patient, they will most assuredly die without a wimper. It may take years, but it will happen. Do we need to banckrupt pain patients, financially, mentally and spirituality, which is occurring in the name of health care. Pain patients be aware.

Posted by anonymous


Dr Dibble should be sued for his behavior. I don't believe he has the patients wellfare in mind whatsoever. I think He is so so so running scared of what the DEA could possible do to himthat He forgot to take care of his patient. This Patient , after 3 neck surgeries has a long battle with pain. She made the decision to go onto Methadone which I think is a bad Idea but what alternatives do you have? Dr Dibble cut her from 60MG to 30 MG. for the period of 1 month. I have news for you DR, thats a great way to get a patient off of a very strong drug in a hurry but it can also kill them. Did you know that? its against Medical advice to come down more than 5 MG a week. Her next visit you place not to be filled for 6 days. ARE you trying to punish this individual? You never mentioned the word Suboxone to her did you? Now she is sick as a dog and is reduced to laying in bed sivering and shaking. thats at 15 MGs when she gets that in 6 days from now. If this person dies because of your negligence youve got real problems. I have no idea who in the Hell you think you are but whoever it is your very misguided and you will pay for that.

Posted by anonymous


Dribble is worst excuse for a pain doctor there is. After his failed treatments he puts you out to pasture with his so called detox program that is inhumane by community standards.He sucks your money up then discards you like a piece of trash.Pain doctor my ass, he needs to go back to school and learn how to treat people with respect and with some humanity.

Posted by anonymous

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